Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wishful dressing

Have you ever come across some beautiful clad that you knew you would never wear to go anywhere but you still went ahead and bought it??  Case in point, this little cute dress.

I loved the mustard color and I also happened to buy it in the month of March,but since then,I have only worn it once. This is one of e looks that I put up in my mini dress up photo session with my friend Cate as I let out in my previous post. 

This look would be appropriate if you want to go casual. However the wind is not your friend while rocking is little mustard number but the denim shirt may or may not control the situation depending on how long it is.

Denim shirt- cathy's ; Dress- Gikomba ; Kyondo-Kariokor ;sunglasses(Cathy's) & printed flats-Adams Arcade 

I paired the outfit with my rubber kyondo. And I must say,, this bag has me addicted. it's unique and I just love the colour pattern on it.Furthermore, it has definitely helped me get some business here in Ghana which I am so grateful! 
So what are your thoughts on the dress? Please do share.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Florals and cherry red lipstick

Aloha people,

How has your week been? 

This week I went to my no.1 shop in Ghana -woodin and luckily for me they had just brought in new stock. I really love the innovative patterns and prints that they continuously come up with.This time they even had snake skin with a touch of African print in it,,,ulala!!!!!!!,,I will share the pictures later.

Anyway,, some weeks ago my friend Cathy and I took to pulling some photoshoot sessions to kill the boredom and time and I will be sharing those pictures in a series of posts. Each of us had to put together their own outfit and accessories while sharing ideas when we left the other Preston's outfit was kinda ish ish.  We had soooo much doing this.
Jacket -topshop ; blouse- Gikomba ; shorts- old trousers cut into shorts ; Boots-gifted by my aunty necklace- made by yours truly ; bracelets-most are Cathy's ; lipstick-sleek red chilli 546

The weird face right??,,,yeah, don't ask.

I really starting to like selfies,,I know,,late bloomer.:-(

Happy Friday peeps!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

How to decorate a phone case

Ella Ello,,,

it has been too long since I did a DIY project so the other day I decided to emerse myself in an idea that I thought would be fun. My friend Cathy has a totally cool phone case embellished with stars and diamond shaped Gold studs and I thought I should do something about my dull black phone case.

what I used:

1.Studs from an old top
2.Super glue
4.Your  phone case of course. 
First, I placed the studs into different designs just so I could have different options to choose from.

 I decided that design number 4 looked good,,though I must say that I could have played around more with the studs but oh well.

Using a tweezer, I lifted a stud at a time and applied a thin coat of super glue on the case and then placed the studs back being careful not to displace the rest of the studs.

Whilst super glue is a very strong adhesive, I decided to keep the case away for around 3 hours for maximum efficacy of the glue.I was very pleased with the final result.

So go on and cheer up your phone case...They makes good presents too...

Have a lovely weekend ahead.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Where have I been? You ask

Hey darlings,

Am gonna write this post as if it were a continuation of where I left off since the last post in January. there is no amount of excuses that can justify why I did not have time for my baby. however I am going to share what I have been upto

1. I went back to school to finish my graduate diploma in purchasing and supply (CIPS).I realllllllly put in a lot of work and am happy that I passed with flying colors.

2. I have been job hunting like crazy!!! Like so many other Kenyan youths,,, I am keeping the faith that God will provide in his time.( as my mum always advices me)

3. I have been working on DIYs, learning how to make crafts and some new skills here and there that I am gonna share with you with time.

4. I am trying to get a residence permit in Ghana.. Ino be easy oooh...

5. I have been hustling. Buying stuff. Selling stuff. Making profit.

I have had a good first 7 months of 2013...and I am grateful to God that I am in good health.

What have you been upto? I ask...

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The New year.

I am sure y'all wondering whether I am still in a food coma ever since the holidays, 
Worry no more, I am alive.

I have been up and down, meeting friends or rather making friends,
visiting places,buying ankaras and sourvenirs, running to the seamstress and watching movies.

It seems that all this socal media activities can take over your life,so I decided to take a break from it all and just RELAX.

Last weekend I had been invited for a wedding,and after the tailor did a far less than perfect job for the dress I had intended to wear, I settled on this yellow tulip dress.
It has a neon feel to it so I thought it was perfect for the occasion.

The above two photos were taken with a DSLR camera, while the rest were taken using an android phone.
Notice the difference?

This red pedant necklace was a gift for my 21st birthday from Tweenz. It is a combination of chains,pearls, and faux fur.It is a very unique piece of jewellery.

Dress-Steve's Shop;; Shoes- bought them off a friend :: Necklace-Gifted :: Belt- can't remember :: Ring-Accra town

I hope you having a good week.
Happy New Year!!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Hello darlings,

This is just a post to wish you all a merry Christmas and a lovely happy new year!!

I am planning to meet up with friends, eat, drink and probably do something very spontenious.

This is my first Christmas away from home..I am hoping it will rock!!

Nway,,have fun and be safe!!

Happy holidays y'all!

xx. Jaypea.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

What I got from Woodin

You are now well aware for my love for African print fabric ,
and more of my love affair  with woodin fabrics.

The other day when I popped in at the shop at Accra mall,it was clear that they were bringing in new stock and the pile was characterised with bright hues of colours for the christmas season.

My aim was to get a relative these fabrics.She has been on my neck for this fabrics since the day I landed here as everyone knows West Africa is the native land of vitenges (read African print fabrics)

My favourite is obviously the orange one.If this fabric was mine, I would make a long maxi skirt out of it with a small bustier top like this one.
Then I would go to the beach wearing a sun hat, big shades and a bloody lippy and bliss would not be enough of a name to define exactly how that moment would feel like.

Which among the four fabrics tickles your fancy?
Let me know by leaving a comment.

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